What some of our clients are saying about us.

Novo Nordisk

Comments from an Executive Director and her team following a TeamStrong program series:

“The profile assessment review was conducted superbly! The 1:1 consultation followed by your facilitation of the sharing of our results was a great experience. Your insights and guidance throughout the process were extremely helpful.”

“I think the most valuable benefit was a face-to-face dialogue in a controlled environment to uncover negative motivators and realize that, most of the time, the differences were superficial that could be cleared up with this type of dialogue.”

“Your team provided a relaxed atmosphere for us to talk about our differences. This allowed us to be honest in a non-critical manner. In addition, I found your preparation and follow up to be a 10!”


A team at Nokia engaged LeaderStrong to transform a team whose function changed from a niche marketing organization to one responsible for a key global strategy for the company. The team leader was dedicated to keeping her team in place, but realized they needed to develop a ‘high performing team’ to become more strategic. The solution provided by LeaderStrong encompassed the three disciplines of Strategic Planning, High Performance Teams and Executive Presence.

At the start of the engagement, the team developed and implemented LeaderStrong’s Aligned Strategic Action Plan (ASAP™) to guide them through a critical six month period during which they had to accomplish some very challenging initiatives. The team used the ASAP to guide their meetings, as the plan provided focus on the key objectives that needed to be met and established accountabilities for tasks, both internally and externally to the team. By highlighting the key strategic objectives, the team was able to focus on the tasks needed to meet these goals, with minimal distraction from tasks that did not contribute to these objectives.

Throughout the process, the focus was not only on the highest impact strategic priorities, but on developing the individuals on the team, helping them to ‘show up’ at a more executive level through improved communication. From the start, the members of the team each performed at a high level, but they were not leveraging the resources of their fellow team member, forcing them to work harder to achieve their objectives. After engaging in LeaderStrong’s Team Development programs, the team was better able to leverage each others’ strengths and resolve issues collectively as a team. There was a measurable difference in team meetings since the start of the program, with a significant increase in open and honest communication.

This was an exciting time for the team leader, who became a member of the executive team at Nokia. LeaderStrong helped the team leader embrace the role of executive by clarifying her vision for the team and securing buy in for this vision at the executive levels of the company. These efforts, along with support in some key presentations and changes in organization structure, helped get the team leader and her team recognized as rising stars in the organization.



Amicus Therapeutics

When I first started working with Jack and Marshall, my goal was to better understand my communication style and how I impacted the audiences I was addressing. I expected that we would follow a ‘traditional’ speech coaching program, recording a speech and then talking about voice and gestures, which we did, but Jack and Marshall took a very different approach to presentation coaching.

We spent a lot of time talking about the strategy behind the actual speech delivery and how to most effectively achieve the goals I wanted to achieve with the audience. I feel I picked up some good techniques for establishing and maintaining a connection with different audiences, and gearing the talk according to who is in the audience and the impact I want to make on them. I also have a better understanding of my own style and strengths and, more importantly, how and when to use them most effectively.

Overall, I found the program to be a great experience. Jack and Marshall have very different, but complementary, styles and working with them gave me a lot of feedback to work with. Together, they create a very comfortable and collaborative dynamic, which I thought made the process very effective.


Chip Baird Amicus Testimonial

“Marshall and Jack bring a tailored, hands-on approach to executive coaching and speaker training. They quickly understood our organization and my role within the organization and provided practical, specific, and actionable advice on ways to improve my effectiveness as a leader.”