Your business success amounts to more than mere numbers on your financial statements. Savvy business leaders also measure the most critical of all assets: the strengths of individual employees, executive leadership prowess, and sustainable business plans. Of course, you have a lot of high-stakes commitments, and managing all of this is a tough balancing act. We’re here to make it easier.



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Improve your working relationships.

This makes you better equipped to drive profits, revenues, and results.

The most powerful and successful leaders possess an insatiable passion for growth. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to understand the impact of your passionate working style and how to best apply your high energy and expectations to optimize team performance.

Whether mastering the art of influence, tackling organizational challenges, or bringing a new initiative to life, unbiased feedback can help you grasp the right skills to make immediate—and long-lasting—results.
Through our unique, systematic approach, all of our LeaderStrong programs are designed to produce tangibly positive changes in business behavior. Specifically, our LeadStrong Executive Program offers a safe and objective sounding board that empowers you to:

  • Quickly adapt to new situations or harness new skills during times of organizational transition
  • Inspire deeper commitments and accountability among team members and peers
  • Drive sustainable change, performance breakthroughs and innovation in your organization
  • Identify and remove blind spots, overcome pressing business challenges, and transition from tactical to strategic partnerships
  • Build organizational capacity by uncovering individual strengths and taking advantage of new opportunities

Cultivate your greatest strengths by contacting us today.
Want to create stronger team connections and bolster organizational performance? Get started with TeamStrong. Have great ideas but uncertain how to execute them? Begin with PlanStrong.  And if you want to build the optimal Sales team, see SellStrong


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Turn strategic plans into strong business results

Vision. Clarity. Performance.

Big ideas can catalyze transformation. But these ideas need clarity, focus, and dedicated advocates to bring concepts to fruition.

By tapping our PlanStrong Aligned Strategic Action Plan (ASAP), you and your leadership team can create a clear and defined roadmap that drives big-thinking strategies—and accelerates results.

The ASAP process is designed to:

  • Crystalize your top strategies and key initiatives that will move the needle for your organization
  • Secure buy-in with all key stakeholders
  • Drive accountability and rapid progress with visible reporting and analytics
  • Establish a repeatable and sustainable process for future strategic sessions and long-term planning

Whether your organization currently has a clear strategic plan in place, or is working toward fresh thinking and seizing new opportunities, ASAP will integrate and adapt to your vision.

Give life to your greatest ideas with sound strategies and clear execution steps. Contact us today. For a sure-fire way to improve executive performance, visit LeadStrong. To build a strong Sales team, go to SellStrong, and if you’re focused on fostering stronger teams, go to TeamStrong—a program proven to improve perceptions, and subsequently, team performance, by an average of 30%.


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Is the sum of the parts greater than the whole?

Building team agility, velocity, and performance

There’s one simple but crucial truth that can dramatically impact your organization: a group of high-performing individuals is not the same as a high performing team. While a tightly connected team is able to yield higher results than individuals working in relative isolation, this can only be accomplished if the relationships and dynamics between members are effectively developed.

This fundamental principle is the driver behind TeamStrong, a methodology that’s proven to:

  • Help people understand their unique working styles and how these traits impact a team
  • Show team members how to tap individual strengths that benefit the whole group
  • Foster trust and accountability to optimize organizational performance and achieve personal fulfillment

LeaderStrong has helped organizations of all sizes—from small business to Fortune 500 corporations—improve team perceptions, culture, and performance by 30% on average. Here’s a snapshot of our process:

Ready to bring your teams to record levels of performance? Contact us today.
In order to ensure you have the best players on your team, check out our SellStrong program You can also sharpen your leadership skills with LeadStrong and bring big ideas to fruition with PlanStrong.


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Create stellar sales teams by design, not chance

Optimize your Sales Team

Has your organization fallen into the familiar pattern of hiring a salesperson where he/she appears perfect in the interview, soars to the top of the sales training class, and then struggles to meet sales quota for the year?  This challenge is pervasive in most sales organizations…but why?

Sales Managers and Recruiters often overlook the most important component of what makes a successful salesperson…their behaviors.  You can send an intelligent salespeople to any training class and they can proficiently demonstrate the skills in that academic environment, but if they are not comfortable using those skills with real prospects or clients, the point is moot..and the investment lost.

Our SellStrong methodology helps you identify the players in your organization who are the true Sales stars..and build an organization of people with similar probability for success.

SellStrong Model

Once identified, we use a sales specific psychometric  performance modeling tool  to determine the behaviors that make the top performers successful, and help you develop a model for hiring others with similar potential.  Once on board, we align the Sales Managers and their team members in order to maximize performance.  So, instead of only 20% of people producing 80% of the organization’s revenue, the majority of the players on the team will be hitting or exceeding their quotas.

To get your entire sales team performing like your top twenty percent of your sales people, Contact us today.   To ensure you are at top performance to lead your team, check out our LeadStrong program, and then after hiring the right players, you can get them working effectively as a team using our TeamStrong program.  To learn more about developing a strategic action plan to enable the team to meet, and exceed their objectives, see our PlanStrong program.